Hache (Dynasty)

The Hache were a family of renowned cabinet makers from Grenoble. The dynasty started with Noël (1635-1675), born in Calais in the North of France. Noël was initiated to the veneer technique in his early years and he was influenced by Northern Europe cabinet making. He became a cabinet maker in Toulouse and discovered imported woods. His fifth son Thomas (1664-1747) moved to Chambéry where he put himself at the service of the House of Savoie. He learned the art of Italian décor: colorful ornamentation, vegetal coiling, acanthus leaves, interlacing, and arabesques. In 1695, the Hache settled in Grenoble. Thomas married the daughter of a cabinet maker two years later. In 1720 he bought out his father-in-law’s workshop. In 1721 he became an official cabinet maker for the Duke Louis d’Orléans. In the late 1740s, Thomas worked with his son Pierre (1705-1776) and his grandson Jean-François (1730-1796), the most famous member of the Hache dynasty. Influenced by the Parisian masters, Jean-François developed an elegant Louis XV style. In 1776 he owned the workshop and created furniture as well as decoration accessories. In 1788, his brother Christophe-André (1748-1831) took over the workshop until its end in 1801.