Haviland R. & Parlon C.

This porcelain factory derived from David Haviland’s company and was founded by his nephew. When he married François Alluaud’s granddaughter, Charles Field Haviland joined the world of Limoges porcelain. Soon he bought out the family company from his father-in-law and put his own stamp on its production. He died in 1882. In 1924 his grandson Robert Haviland also founded a factory with his partner and brother-in-law Pierre Le Tanneur. Just before WWII, they were joined by Camille Parlon, the owner of L’Union Céramique, who brought his knowledge. In 1949 the company changed its name to “Robert Haviland & C. Parlon”. In the 1950s they were joined by Michel Ardant and André Parlon, who ran the company for 40 years with great expectations. In 1984, “Robert Haviland & C.Parlon”became a member of Comité Colbert, a group of the most prestigious French luxury companies. In 1992, Michel Ardant and André Parlon stepped down and sold the factory which faced challenging times. In 2003 the silversmith company Ercuis bought it out.