Jacobsen, Arne

Born in 1902 in Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen remains today in the collective memory as one of the most famous designers of the Danish functionalist trend. Student, he goes through the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen, drawing his inspiration from the greatest architects of this period. He graduated in 1927

Talented visionary and avant-garde, the designer was recognized in his lifetime for interior design, furniture, porcelain but also his textile products. His pieces combine design and functionality. They can be found even in certain cinematographic productions such as Stanley Kubrick's A Space Odyssey (2001), where the viewer can also see Olivier Mourgue's Djinn , or Robert Propst and George Nelson's Action Office Desk , edited by Herman. Miller in 1964

Arne Jacobsen's minimalist style has earned him many awards, including the 1968 International Design Award, given by the American Institute of Interior Designers. He will also be awarded the ID Prize in 1967, awarded by the Danish Design Society.

Arne Jacobsen's productions have sold millions of copies, such as the Ant Chair, the Egg Chair or the 3300 Chair .

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