La Maison des Bambous

Ernest Vibert created « La maison des bambous » in 1872. From the beginning, the company offered a vast choice of lacquered rattan, rush or bamboo furniture, displayed in exotic décor decorated with drapes and antique pottery. There were armchairs, sofas, and chaises longues for verandas and conservatories in bourgeois households as well as hotels or yachts. Ernest Vibert was a successful exhibitor at the world fairs of the time. The “Maison des Bambous” was awarded two silver medals at the 1889 world fair, and was internationally acclaimed. In 1917, Gaston Vibert, Ernest’s son, took over the “Maison des Bambous” with his partner Robert Perret. He brought back to Paris many precious goods from his numerous trips to East Asia, which he displayed in his three storey store. The company also offered antique furniture and artifacts. This great variety of choice attracted many artists and composers like Claude Debussy or Maurice Ravel.  After WWII the furniture evolved to follow the trend, until it closed permanently in 1994.