Massier (Dynasty)

The Massier dynasty started with Pierre Massier (1707-1748), a master potter in Vallauris, South of France. His grandsons Jacques (1806-1871) and Jerome (1820-1909) opened a workshop in 1833. Jacques’ sons, Delphin (1836-1907) and Clément (1844-1917) settled in Golfe-Juan in 1883. Jerôme’s son Jean-Baptiste (1850-1916) took over his father’s workshop. The factory became famous for its glazed earthenware, sold through detailed catalogs in France and abroad. Then they opened sales outlets all over France and Germany.  In 1887 the factory was appointed official supplier of the Crown of England. The Massier called in renowned artists like Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer.  The company developed a metallic chandelier which won a gold medal at the 1889 World Fair. From 1905 onward, Clément produced luxury culinary pottery and utilitarian items. After his death in 1917, his daughters took over the company and reissued their father’s works. Jean-Baptiste Massier sold his factory in 1899, reestablished by Marc Clergue, his son-in-law, in 1909. The company was then run by Jean, Marc’s son,  until 1953, then by the latter’s nephew Alain Maunier until it closed permanently in 1990.