Nemo Group

The Nemo Group was born in 1984 from the association of two architects / carpenters, François Scali & Alain Domingo. With the desire to mix the boundaries between design and Art, appropriating the conventions of the Decorative Arts of the postwar period to realize their own interpretation.

Primary color, simple lines and craft materials are their guidelines. Minimalism helps but is never an end in itself, their production is synonymous with comfort and intellectual pursuit. Each of their creations is a compendium of research on ergonomics with a minimum of means, like the pair of chairs "Moreno & Marini", the chair "Faizzz", or the stool "tape Two".

This makes them pioneers of the avant-garde of the overall design of the French 80's. We could talk about the renaissance of design if the design in France had not decided to remain formal. 

Several projects will be entrusted to them such as to furnishing the Museum of Sciences and Techniques of Villette. In 2008, François Scali designed a building in the shape of a giant dog for the city of Shanghai. The building was to be built for the World Expo in 2010.

Due to financial problems related to the crisis, the proposed "Dog House" was shelved but did not prevent Nemo from getting a good press and helping to establish his project as one of the most curious construction proposals of the new millennium.

In addition to his work as an architect, François Scali has also designed several projects that transform the border between design and art. The "Genitron", for example, was a futuristic clock that counted seconds before the year 2000. Located at the Pompidou Center in Paris, it was inaugurated in 1987 by the President of the Republic, François Mitterrand.

In 2000 the group Némo is dissolved, despite a production today iconic but very avant-gardist for the time. Currently François Scali & Alain Domingo continue their activities separately as architects.