Nestlé, Jacques

Jacques Nestlé was born in 1907 in Sarrebruck, and died in Paris en 1991.

Since 1925, he lives in Berlin where he has been influenced by Bauhaus et artists from the avant-garde of this period as Kandinsky and Paul Klee. In 1933, he comes to France and especially to Paris where Modern Art revolution is ongoing since mid-19th century.

Henri Matisse notices his work, and is a source of inspiration for him. On an other part, the renowned art dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, wishes to promote him as he did with Picasso, Braque, Derain ou Gris. Jacques Nestlé says about himself he is « not a painter, nor an artist, simply a man who paints », and he does not accept Kahnweiler's proposal. .

Jacques Nestlé is the painter of colors and shapes as could be Kandinsky, Mondrian or Miro.  

At the beginning of the 50's, he adopts a more spontaneous creation, in parallel with American abstract expressionism represented by Jackson Pollock. His work is between figuration and abstraction, with a direct expression reflecting his internal emotion.