Odiot (Maison)

Odiot is a silversmith dynasty founded in 1690 during Louis XIV reign specialized in luxury products.  Their creations are mainly silver, vermeil, silver-plated bronze, and more recently silver-plated metal. The dynasty started off with Jean-Baptiste Gaspard Odiot, appointed master silversmith during Louis XV reign. During the first Empire Maison Odiot became a leading silversmith in France: Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot (grandson of the latter) was appointed exclusive silversmith by Napoleon who commissioned him for the scepter and sword for his coronation and his son’s cradle. Odiot’s work was famous throughout Europe for his high quality vermeil creations made “à l’antique”. He worked for the most important families of his time.  His son Charles Nicolas, official supplier of King Louis-Philippe and his family from 1840 onward, was famous for his interpretation of the Rococo style. The next generation, Gustave, was actually the last of the Odiot dynasty to run the business, until his death in 1906. Maison Odiot still exists, but its prestige decreased compared to names like Christofle.