Sarfatti, Gino

Gino Sarfatti was born in Venice in 1912 in a well-off family. His first interest was for aeronautics but his father’s shipping company bankruptcy in 1935 made him follow another path. In 1939 he designed his first lamps and founded Arteluce, whose name soon became an international design reference in the lighting industry. Until the 1970s, Sarfatti conceived several hundreds of lamps including the iconic ceiling light “2047/B” in 1952 or the more modestly designed “Moon”. His company also produced lamps designed by F. Albini, F. Helg, A. Piva, and M. Albini for the lamp AM1N in 1969. Arteluce won many prizes, both as editor and creator, like the Honorary Diploma from the Three-yearly Milano Fair in 1955. Always on the cutting edge,  Sarfatti worked new shapes, technologies and materials, using lamp bulbs, halogen, iron and plastic.