Thomire, Philippe Pierre

Thomire was born in 1751 to a Parisian carver and was interested in bronze chiseling from his early age on. He studied sculpture in Rome, at the Saint Luc Academy, with Pajou and Houdon. He specialized in chiseling and was hired by Pierre Gouthière, a great Parisian chiseler. In 1776 he set up his own workshop and surpasses his master who went into bankruptcy. He specialized in “à l’antique” decors and worked with great cabinet makers like Guillaume Benemann. He worked for Sèvres factory as a bronze maker when Duplessis left, and created numerous neo-classical bronze mounts for large vases. He was admired before the Revolution for his works like Marie-Antoinette jewel cabinet (still in the Versailles castle), but became even more famous during the first Empire. His taste for antiquity themes was in line with the early 19th century favorite style, and his 800 craftsmen strong workshop conceived a great number of clocks, candelabra and decorative pieces. In 1823 Thomire withdraws from the workshop which is taken over by his sons-in-law until Louis-Philippe Reign