Weapons factory of Locré

Jean Baptiste Locré started his porcelain factory in 1773 when he bought a workshop rue de la Fontaine au Roi in Paris. He was born in a well-off family to a Saxon textile merchant. He had built his workshop and his furnace in 1772 on a rented site. On July 14, 1773 he registered his hallmark consisting of two crossed blue arrows. That same year he partnered with Laurent Russinger who mastered the hard porcelain techniques. In 1787 Locré went bankrupt because of the high production costs. He sold his factory to Russinger who moved out in order to build new facilities, but in turn went bankrupt. Russinger sold the factory to the Pouyat family but remained in charge of the production. In 1810 Russinger and Locré died and the company slowly declined until the furnaces were turned off in 1820. In 1825 Jean Marx Clauss settled in the premises he rented from Alexandre Dodé, Russinger’s son-in-law. It was the revival of the Locré factory for three generations, until it was taken over by Achille Bloch in 1887. The brand still exists under the name” Porcelaine de Paris depuis 1773”.