Porcelain is a kind of ceramic that is distinguished by its material and its cooking temperature. In ceramics, there are two types of porcelain: soft porcelain and hard porcelain. Soft porcelain is an attempt by 17th-century Europe to imitate Chinese porcelain using pastes made from different mixtures of silica and lead. Hard porcelain is a ceramic whose main material is kaolin, which gives the piece a white appearance and transparency. In addition to great lightness and fineness, it allows a complete sealing and a greater strength than other ceramics. Cooking varies between periods, a piece of porcelain cooked between 1000 ° C and 1200 ° C. Porcelain is an Asian tradition especially in China, Japan and Korea but it is exported in Europe with Chinese Kraaporselein imported to the Countries -Low. It becomes the main material of tableware with silverware. In France, the best known are the porcelain of Sèvre, Paris, or the famous Jacob Petit (1797 - 1868), whose name remains attached to an original statuary.