Bruno le Yaouanc, a shabby chic merchant

Shabby chic style to Paul Bert Serpette? You will find it at Bruno le Yaouanc.
With great sensitivity and a malicious glance, this antique dealer tells us about his "emotion furniture". White patina and beautiful curves, in the hands of Bruno le Yaouanc, furniture becomes objects of contemplation ...

What led you to do this job ?

Life's chances brought me to flea 20 years ago. Before that, I was working in advertising, I was already a creative person. To do this job, you need sensitivity, and I think it's something innate.
I was never bathed in antiquity and that did not interest me. Today, it's still the case, I do not sell antiques but character. I only like charm.

What is your speciality ?

I am specialized in shabby chic style. I buy furniture and I give them a second life. I buy the pieces first and foremost for their shapes and their woods. I always give them that whitened look. These are not too expensive furniture and have a little spirit, they are perfect for country houses or seaside. I sell them a lot for export.

How do you choose your pieces?

I have no particular sensitivity for a period, from the 18th to the 20th, I buy what I like, without ambiguity. I like "emotion furnitures". The furniture for what they are do not interest me, they must give me an emotion if it is useless. When I see a piece of furniture, I want to be able to look at it like a painting, it makes me want to continue working.
Many people buy furniture for their value, a bit like the stock market, it's not my way of thinking. The furniture must remain something secondary but must still provide some pleasure.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

For me, Paul Bert Serpette is a certain madness. It's a bit like a drug, when you have tasted this market you become addicted to its paths, its people and their multiple personalities. It is a set that makes you stay attached to this place. The merchants are people who have atypical courses, here it is a bit of the world of the night but in the middle of the day.
On the other hand, we have high-level customers with high demands, who come to Paul Bert Serpette to buy pieces they will not find elsewhere.

Which piece of your booth would you like to highlight?

There is never a piece that comes out, I absolutely love everything on my booth, so the piece that I want to put forward is me. Without me, the pieces do not exist. I can't allow myself to say that I love one piece of furniture more than another, that would not be correct vis-à-vis my customers who could say that I do not like what I sold them.