Interview Chantal Dagommer - Stand 71 alley 1 Paul Bert

Impressive corsets, rare and precious laces, old costumes and famous Haute Couture names ... Here's the inspiring program that Chantal Dagommer offers you in the alley 1 of Paul Bert. Push the door of this unmissable boutique and have a warm welcome moment with this merchant who will probably have many beautiful stories to tell you

What is your background ?

I've always been in the fashion business When I was a young girl, in the 1970s, I lived in New York for 3 years. I was a model and did a lot of fashion photography. When I came back to Paris, I was I had flea friends that I often came to see and I liked a lot We settled at the Paul Bert Market, with my first husband, in the mid-1970s At that time we did not fashion but the However, I have always been attracted to fashion, so I started to buy and sell old dresses At the time there was only one merchant who sold fashion and she was at the market Biron. I changed my life to meet my second husband whose parents were at the flea for years Like me, he was passionate about antiques We work a lot together because he has a more researcher side than me

Tell us about your specialty

I am specialized in the 18th clothing, which is not easy to find, but also in the 19th, with big names such as Worth, Poiret, Doucet, in fact what the museums are looking for. Sometimes they ask me to find pieces for them. I am also an expert at Drouot. I also sell antique dolls, collection lace and buttons.

Who are your clients ?

I sell to many museums around the world; at the Metropolitan of New York, Kyoto, the Museum of Chile and many others. I worked with fashion designers like Alaïa or Galliano. I also meet the costumers, who often buy a model to be inspired. I also have a lot movie stars ; Julia Roberts, Barbara Streisand who bought doll shoes, Leny Kravitz who bought me two Art Deco shawls for her musicians, he is charming

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

This summer, the actress Robin Wright came to shoot a sequence of her movie in my booth. She was accompanied by her husband and they came into my shop to ask me permission to take pictures. They were making a movie about Robin Wright in Paris. She had chosen different shops in Paris and wanted to be photographed in my place. I accepted and we had an appointment the day after the final of the soccer World Cup. Everyone had partying at night and I had no news from them. The next morning, I received an email telling me that they will be in my shop at 9:30 am. In panic I get dressed, I can not find taxis, the bus was late but I still arrived just in time for them to shoot their sequence.

For you what does Paul Bert Serpette represent?

Paul Bert Serpette are synonymous with wonderful encounters. When people really look for something, they come here. As said Hamish Bowles the director of Vogue International, "In Paul Bert Serpette, some people say it's expensive, but the merchants are specialists who know what they sell ». I also learn a lot. Some collectors are so connoiseurs that they enrich me with their knowledge. I am old enough to retire but for the moment I do not want to stop my job because I am passionate about it. Coming to Paul Bert Serpette is always a pleasure for me. When I have to leave, I will be very sad.

Which piece do you want to highlight?

Actually I present this revolutionary's waistcoat. It is silk embroidered with silver, which is a sign of wealth. It should be worn by a bourgeois, someone rich but who still believed in the Revolution because there has embroidered the tree of freedom, emblem of the Revolution, which is very rare. This piece could very well go to the Carnavalet Museum. I often have revolutionary waiscoat, but rarely of this quality. These are very popular pieces for collectors of objects of the Revolution They are not necessarily the same collectors as collectors of the 18th, because there are also those who are rather royalists and looking for court clothes