Interview : Clara Lardé

Clara Lardé make you discover her world of high-end ready-to-wear and Haute Couture pieces. Bubbly and warm personality, this merchant follows the trends while being against the current. Come and wear the cloth you will not find elsewhere.

What is your background ?

My mother was a merchant, so I fell into it as a child. She was selling clothes until the 1950's, my oldest clothes are from the 1960's

I started studying because she did not want me to be a merchant. I always worked a little at her side, she took me to bargain hunt but would have preferred that I become an ambassador. When I finished my studies, she offered me to come work with her until I found a job. Finally, I never left and in 2008 I bought her booth.

I learned the culture of clothing, my mother having taken me to the Galleria museum many times. I have evolved a little compared to her who worked with more collector clients and who have now a little disappeared. I have developed a clientele of people who want to be able to wear the pieces they buy. The approach is not the same at all. We must follow the trends while being against the current. My clients are looking for pieces they can not find elsewhere, while being of quality.

Tell us about your specialty

You can find on my booth everything that dresses women, from Haute Couture to ready-to-wear and accessories. When I buy a dress, I always imagine a girl in it.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

For me it's a very particular world. Paul Bert Serpette is made up of merchants who are real artists. They are people who are necessarily linked to art. When we look at the booths, we can see that the merchants are decorators. Everyone creates his universe and this multitude of universes creates a wonderful world.

Tell us about the antique dealer's profession

We are a bit of gold diggers. Antique dealers are collectors, we like to own. When we do not sell, we feel we are not loved because what we sell is a part of us. If we do not sell, it means that customers do not like our taste and therefore do not like what we are. All the pieces I present in my shop are my choices. This is why we must always question ourselves. It is a universe that is very different. When I arrive on Friday morning, I am always very happy. I would have been unable to do another job.

Which piece of your booth would you like to highlight?

I present this dress by Saint Laurent dating from 1976, from the Russian collection. It is very beautiful, it is a real matryoshka costume with its bright colors. It is emblematic of Saint Laurent and the collection was a huge success because it was inspired by paintings.