Interview : Delphine Sterckx - Déjà Vu Design -

This week, we met Delphine Sterckx from Déjà Vu Design Gallery. Come and sit down in comfortable seats highlighted by spectacular lights, and share with Delphine Sterckx and Joëlle Juhen a part of dream and taste of the 1970's.

What is your background ?

I don't come from this environment at all. I studied at a business school and then worked in finance. Yet, I have always loved the design world and the beautiful objects. My meeting with Joëlle Juhen, my partner, was decisive. We had this common passion and we mounted this gallery project that was important to us. From the status of collectors, we became antiques dealers.

Can you tell us about your specialty?

We love big sofas, spectacular lights. It was natural that we are interested to the 1970's which are full of comfortable seats, beautiful materials, patinated leathers and precious woods. What we like in 1970's design is innovation, both in terms of materials and shapes. These are years when everything was possible. The parts we sell have been tested and approved by us or at least are eligible.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

For us it was obvious to come to Paul Bert Serpette, it was here or nothing and a real chance for us to settle there. Here, we are surrounded by true connoisseurs who have both commercial and object's expertise and this creates a real emulation. Collectors, individuals and decorators who follow us since our inception are fans of the of Paul Bert Serpette's alleys.

What furniture from your booth would you like to present to us?

We present this DS-600 sofa made by de Sede. It's a model that was created in 1973, at the time it was completely new, and today it still is. It is very luxurious, and very innovative. It's a sofa with top-quality skins, Rolls Royce worked with the same leathers for its car interiors. Older the leather is, more beautiful it is. This is where our work makes sense, we sell objects that have a beautiful patina without having the faded side. This sofa was very inovative because it was possible to order it with as many places as you want and dispose it as you wish. It is timeless and adapts to any type of interiors. This sofa represents us perfectly, we are known for that. We sell this sofa, which we have completely fallen in love with, since our beginnings. The first one, we bought it by chance, Joelle put it in her home and it never came out again. So we had to buy another one. Since then, we always have one on our booth.