Interview Eve Ducroq - Objets d'affEction - Booth 124 alley 1 Paul Bert

Art historian and furniture enthusiast, Eve Ducroq has chosen the name "objets d'affEction" to emphasize the place of objects in the intimate space of each. In her space, she likes to turn the sets like a carousel. Every 6 weeks, it's a different room from his imaginary house that you can discover.

What is your background ?

I have a background in art history. I studied at the Ecole du Louvre in museology, with an Islamic Art speciality. Then I did a DEA in contemporary art at the Sorbonne where I worked on the place of the pieces of art in the museum. I have always evolved in the field of culture and been in contact with esthetic. If I became an antique dealer, it is also the story of my meeting with my spouse who is passionate about furniture and architecture. We collected a lot ourselves and we wanted to get into the thick of things by taking a stand at Paul Bert Serpette to share our passion.

Introduce us your booth

I wanted to stage my imaginary house. Having a small space, I wished to have fun of this constraint by creating every 6 weeks a different part of this house. I like the idea of ​​rotating the sets like a carousel for the end, to present all the rooms of the house, including the bathroom and the kitchen. For now I have presented three sets, the dining room, the living room and the office.

Why did you choose to settle in Paul Bert Serpette?

Paul Bert Serpette is an emblematic and historic place that offers a real experience. It is a place of life and sharing. There can be a close relationship with the visitor. I love to share my passion. I like the very open side of a stand that allows great flexibility and the presentation of ephemeral sets. There is a real loyalty of visitors, which is very stimulating because we want to surprise them by constantly proposing something new. People who come to Paul Bert Serpette want to be taken into worlds that will inspire them and they will find it in each of the booths.

What is your vision about the antiques trade ?

I want to make you want. For that, I create juxtapositions, sometimes of very strong pieces signed by masters of the design, with totally anonymous pieces. I like this eclecticism, that the pieces are revealed in relation to each other. I propose a rather varied offer and I seek the singularity of each piece. I do not want to follow the trend absolutely, and be mono period. I work a lot in flair, at the heart stroke, with the idea of ​​assembly. When I buy an object, I imagine it in a setting that is already planned in my mind. I'm looking for new ways to showcase design. I like the idea that the furniture travels, that they are in transit at home before leaving for a new place. To maintain the cycle of these objects is to keep them alive.

What is the purpose of your stand that you want to highlight?

I have a 60's brass Italian mirror. Originally, it is a bathroom piece, it is very majestic and elegant. It took place very naturally in this very masculine office decor of the 80's. The contrast of this object in this universe I like a lot. This mirror holds a lot of visitors' attention.