Interview : Marie-Laure Chermezon

In the alley 1 of Serpette, the booth of this jewelry specialist is full of miniature treasures. Marie-Laure Chermezon likes, as she says so well, "give a second chance to jewelry" and "sell pleasure". We invite you this week to come and find the jewell who makes your heart beat.

What is your background ?

I come from the family of Raymond Templier, a famous jeweler of the beginning of the century. So we always spoke about jewels in the family. I worked 12 years in Templier's shop and I saw there the most beautiful jewels. 
I arrived at the Antiques Market almost 10 years ago thanks to Patricia Timsit, my current associate. She gave me the taste of the Flea market and made me gradually get into her story. With her, I developed my skills in gemmology in order to be able to transmit to the clients the taste of the jewels that I sell. I bought her booth 5 years ago but we continue to work often together, we are a beautiful association.

Tell us about your specialty?

I love antique jewelry, which have character, high quality, and are wearable by women of today. It's a bit my course of action.
I also like Art Deco jewels, even if its rare. The jewels I'm looking for are not necessarily signed If the piece speaks to me, I know it will speak to someone else. When a jewel is made in a nice way, it will attract me. What I like in the ancient jewel, it is its history, the history of jeweller and the fact that many women have worn it. I like the stories that are created and that I can imagine around the jewel ; how it was worn and the way it lived. A jewel is also part of an era. I like to give it a second chance because we have in the jewel a notion of transmission

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

I settled here because clients has a great sense of taste and beauty. These are concepts that people are looking for here. They are not necessarily sensitive to a brand but want to find something that meets their expectations. They are able to judge. Until around 1900, there was no need for a signature, we knew how to recognize a jewel with a beautiful manufacture. Today, people who come here have this eye, they have a very developed taste. It is above all for the high level clients that I settled in Paul Bert Serpette

What is your relationship with your customers?

I like to be in contact with clients, we create links because they have beautiful feelings about jewels. Sometimes the client loves so much the jewel he just bought that it feels like he came with it. It is made for this person. Sometimes, customers come back few years later and they tell me that they do not leave the jewel and it makes me extremely happy because it means that I got to feel what the person in front of me was waiting for. Not long time ago, a young lady came and she saw a Cartier ring. She was there for furnitures and it was a little expensive ring. She came back to telling me that she kept thinking about this ring and put all the budget that she had reserved for her furniture in the ring. She left very happy. It is very important for me that the jewel does not go anywhere.
The acquisition of a jewel is an emotionally charged moment.

What is the piece of your booth that you want to highlight?

I have a beautiful cameo in agate with pearls, on a gold mount. It dates from the 19th century and is in perfect condition. I like this jewel because the frame is as pretty as the cameo itself. It is endowed a very beautiful round shape The color is very pretty, the head is very white and contrast very well with the stone. It is surrounded by pearls, diamonds, enamel, and gold. It is a typical 19th century's jewel and at the same time it remains wearable today, it can be wear on a coat, on a hat, there are multiple possibilities.