Medea armchair by Vittorio Nobili

Renowned for its elegance all over the world, Italian design has given birth to many icons. Among them, the Medea armchair by Vittorio Nobili occupies a prominent place. Created in the 1950s, it embodies the modern and functional aesthetic that characterizes this period.

Known for his minimalist approach to design, Vittorio Nobili uses innovative manufacturing techniques for the Medea armchair, thus testifying to his avant-garde vision. Curved plywood makes it possible to obtain organic shapes while maintaining a solid structure. It stands out for its avant-garde aesthetics and clean lines and is a perfect example of Italian modernism which sought to merge functionality and aesthetics. Its tall, angled back provides comfortable back support, while the flowing, wing-like armrests add grace to its overall silhouette.

But in addition to its remarkable aesthetics, the Medea armchair stands out with its well-thought-out details. The metal base brings discreet and elegant stability to the whole. The seat and backrest are ergonomically arranged and allow a perfect posture of relaxation.

Despite being created more than seven decades ago, the Medea armchair continues to inspire designers and captivate design lovers. Its timeless style and sophisticated look have earned it pride of place in many modern and contemporary spaces. It remains a symbol of the innovation and creativity that characterizes the work of Vittorio Nobili and has found its place in many museums.