Merchant portrait: Alexandra Dodin

" Sharing is my philosophy and my pleasure "

Settled for 5 years at Paul Bert Serpette, it is a brand new booth in the heart of Serpette that Alexandra Dodin invites you to discover every weekends. meticulous staging combining warmth and friendliness, mix of styles and beautiful materials for a natural coherence ...

What is your background ?

It is a bit unusual. I have a background in management, but I have always bargain hunted. I frequented Drouot a lot. My mother also bought antiques and I was used to living with auction house furniture. In the 1970's we were already furnished with Knoll, trendy furniture. It surely influenced me.
8 years ago, I launched an online sales site with a friend. I realized that to work on the Internet, you had to put enormous resources in order to be visible. I was lucky to have a friend who loaned me a for sale apartment to make a showroom. The deal was that I decorate it for sale it. This allowed me to make myself known, I brought artists and made exhibitions. When the apartment was sold, I needed another place. Having always loved Paul Bert Serpette, I looked for a booth. I moved there 5 years ago.

Introduce us your booth

I do not really have a specialty, I buy what I like. I always try to privilege the originality to the signature. The atmosphere that objects will give to an interior is very important for me. The object must not be purely design. I like lamps with pleasant lights, comfortable sofas, friendly and warm objects. I like mixing times and materials. I particularly appreciate natural materials.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represents for you ?

I have always loved Paul Bert Serpette. It's a place where you can find incredible things that you will not find elsewhere. It's a gathering of merchants who offer great things. There are both extraordinary things and simpler objects of everyday life. There is a heterogeneous and very original offer and at the same time upmarket. Each antiques dealers has his own identity and this is very rewarding.

How do you envision the antique trade ?

For me, it is to please people, make them appreciate old things and accompany them in their choices. If I can encourage them to turn to antiques rather than new items, through my proposal or my advice, I will be really happy. Transmission is important for me, sharing is my philosophy and my pleasure. I also have a very green spirit, so I like when a furniture is reused, this is part of my approach.

What is the piece of your booth that you want to highlight ?

I have a gigantic 1970's coffee table. It measures 3.60 meters and is divided into three pieces. It is made with a veneer that has been used by Ettore Sottsass, it is very graphic. I like his excessive side, the color of this veneer, the welts and the dimension. We do not know the name of the designer but it really looks like furnitures of the Memphis group. The monumental side corresponds to my taste.