Merchant portrait: Aline Bachelier

Passionate and positive, Aline Bachelier shares with the visitors her energy every weekends. Very attached to Paul Bert Serpette, the Antiques Market is a part of her family history. Come to discover the refined booth of this merchant, who will show you her favorite pieces.

What is your background ?

I'm an antiques dealer's daughter and sister. My mother and my brother was on the fleas for almost 30 years, so I was immersed in antiques throughout my childhood and adolescence. So it was not difficult to find my way without however to be obvious. I started working on the fleas as a weekend job, when I was in my thirties, saying to myself, "My God, I'll never work on weekends." Then I finally really got into it. My mother and my brother needed a 3rd person to help them, that's how I got into the family business and I spent 12 years there. They exposed on there booth kitchen furniture and wine objects. I loved this booth but it was not my choice, I wanted to present more modern objects. So I opened my own shop, 11 years ago. At the beginning, I sold a lot of luminaires, and I started to sell furnitures, because the luminaire is difficult to expose alone.

In parallel to my activity in the flea market, I am a personal antique shopper. I helped Ralph Lauren to set up his shop on the Place de la Madeleine. I always had a big network of decorators all around the world, I organize specialized and tailor made tours in search of antiques and decorative objects. It allows me to be on the ground, to travel, to bargain hunt, to see new things, it is a double benefit. I also developed my activity towards Spain, in addition to France and from Belgium

Introduce us your booth

I don't like to say that I have a specialty because it is too reductive. I can sell a 19th cloth manufacturer table as well as a 50's formica table, but generally I'm focus on the 50's, 60's and 70's. I work a lot with heart stroke. For me, it's not important If the object is French, Italian or Scandinavianor if there a designer behind. What is important for me is the quality. I particularly appreciate Scandinavian furniture because I am sensitive to very clean lines. To be able to sell an item, you must love it. If I love the object I could talk about it with energy and passion and it will make my client want to buy it

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

Paul Bert Serpette is the best environment for merchants and customers. There is an atmosphere, it is like a small village. It is a very rich place in terms of the quality of objects and for people that we can meet. Paul Bert Serpette's antiques dealers are passionate. It is not possible for me to be elsewhere than here. I know many places and none counts as much as Paul Bert Serpette, there is no equivalent around the world, no more best market.

What is the piece of your stand that you want to highlight?

I expose this table of the Danish designers Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard. It was edited by Soborg Mobler in 1960. It is in very good quality teak and has a bevelled plate. This table is a big crush because if its great finesse and simplicity. It has the beauty of design and wood. She is very pure

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