Merchant Portrait: Cyril Grizot

Atypical universe, but made of great pieces that can not be found anywhere else, the booth of Cyril Grizot is a perfect match of heterogeneous objects. Famous names of the design and pieces of popular art mix perfectly and reveal all the talent from this antique dealer...

What is your background ?

I wanted to do this job from 14 years old. It was anchored in my head because I grew up in a family very much settled in the middle of the culture. For me, becoming an antique dealer was obvious, it was my passion. I came for the first time to flea in 1973 and I fell madly in love with this place that is unique in the world. I then I went to travel around the world, and finally I came back quickly telling me that I wanted to be an antique dealer because I could bring back treasures from all over the world.
I opened my first shop in Bordeaux, in which I presented pieces from the 30's / 50's, Charlotte Perriand's libraries, furniture by Robert Mallet Stevens ... Then I quickly realized that it would be better for me to settle in Paris because I could find a larger variety of pieces and make connections with the other countries more easily. That's how I started at the Flea, in Jules Valles's market.

What is your specialty ?

I am specialized in the 20th century. I was in love with these objects while they were not yet trend. I then became interested in the great architects of the 30's-50's, then I became the world's specialist of the artist Yonel Lebovici.
Now, I have the luxury of being able to buy everything. I want to be able to create different atmospheres and scenery. I make a lot of stock, I have tons of objects in my warehouse.
I'm trying to create universes that we're not going to meet anywhere else. At the moment, my booth is a little world like Facteur Cheval.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you ?

This market is a must in the antique trade. all around the world, there is no equivalent with so many merchants, as much strength, it is a great museum and an incredible mine. You can find timeless objects and forge there your own taste.
Paul Bert Serpette has always been the trend market, it's a unique place, many fashions have emerged here.
This place is composed of multiple personalities who come from different backgrounds, but who are bound by the passion of the objects It is a true community, where a great solidarity reigns.
Today, although there are new ways to work like online, enthusiasts still need to come here to see the pieces.

Which piece of your booth would you whant to highlight ?

I recently had the pleasure of buying two tapestries, which I saw done by the artists Daniel Dartois and Anne-Marie Monginoux in 1971 or 1972 in Bordeaux They had an extraordinary workshop where they realized these large tapestries with mixtures of In the 70s, these tapestries were very popular and this taste is linked with the movement of the return to the earth At that time, we realize that the planet offers us beautiful materials with which we can create I love tapestry, but what I like most is to group objects that will strengthen between them

What is your vision of the antique trade?

It's a very rewarding job Even though I've been a merchant for a very long time, I still have things to learn. I love buying an object that I do not know I'll judge its quality and only then I'll do some research on it
I chose this job by telling myself that despite the retirement I will have the opportunity to never stop doing it I always get up in the morning with the desire to discover new things