Michel Haillard armchairs x Vegan Poursuite collection

Laurence Piron presents two real favorites pieces from designer Michel Haillard: the Tamaris armchair and the Shirley from the Vegan Poursuite collection.

Two creations in lianas, braided bark, with bakelite inlay on the Shirley.

stands 124 bis and 126 alley 1 Paul Bert


Some information about the Vegan Poursuite collection

"All creation is linked to the context in which it is born, in others
terms, the artist is permeable to his environment, and the latter has
undeniably mutated.

After years of work on the power relationship between man and his
its own animality, the pomp and the rustic, the time has come to explore
deep, the roots of existence, back to the earth.

Following trips to tropical regions such as Brazil or
nature perpetually reclaims its rights to the point of inexorably invading
any human construction, it became clear to me that the path that
opened in front of me was vegetal.

Through the animal materials of the TRIBALE POURSUITE, created 25 years ago,
a baroque aesthetic took shape over time in which the horns
curled up in voluptuous curves, enhanced by the pageantry of
the most refined bronzes.

In fact, my purpose was nothing less than to find a lost naturalness,
respect the presence of the savage in our world who would like to get rid of it.
The violence of animality is no longer (or too) topical, room for wisdom
no less powerful plant and mineral
We need to reconnect with slow energies.

It is in this spirit that the VEGAN POURSUITE collection has been developed.
the same attempt at reconciliation with nature, the same attempt at
complicity with the most complex shapes to find harmony,
in search of the sources of Rococo, without forgetting a hint of a
essential derision.

Lianas and various woods, stones and precious metals, latex, hemp and bark.
the new VEGAN tribe makes a point of digging its dreamlike path in the
profusion of new or rediscovered materials looming. A new one
adventure begins and it is a great pleasure to share it with you. "
Michel Haillard


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