The ethnic chic universe of Michel Baudrat

An inveterate bargain hunter and creator of warm and eclectic atmospheres, Michel Baudrat has recently relocated to Paul Bert Serpette after a few years of absence. So we went to meet him to share the world of this passionate antiques dealer.

What is your background ?

I first worked for 20 years in fashion. When I arrived in Paris in 1980, I started to hunt. I always liked flea market and Paul Bert Serpette was my strategic point. I was walking around aimlessly and I always left with something under my arm. I loved this environment so much that I left the world of fashion to settle in Paul Bert Serpette. I first worked with a friend who took me into unpacking to learn the job. In 2000, I bought my first booth at Serpette, then another at Paul Bert. At the time I was specialized in the Gustavian style, I was going to hunt in Sweden. I always thought that if I bought something that I liked and that I could keep it, I could sell it. In 2009, I left the antiques market to work in decoration. Here I am now relocated to Paul Bert in alley 4 since early January.

What motivated you to relocate to Paul Bert?

I did not think at all take a booth, I thought it was over for me. At a dinner with a friend who is merchant in Paul Bert, he suggested me to take a booth. I agreed, but on the condition of being in alley 4 of Paul Bert. It just happened that a booth was released at that time. Everything was very natural and easy. I think that when we are a antiques dealer one day, we are always antiques dealer. It's a real drug.

Tell us about your booth

For me, it is above all a showcase. I installed my booth as a little boudoir that would be at home. It is this atmosphere that I will try to recreate each season. When the good weather will arrives, I will think of the garden with stone sculptures, garden furniture ... But always creating an atmosphere, because I consider that the client needs to project himself. I mix eras and I have a taste for ethnic chic style. I think that when you buy something you like, it will always find its place. I have never regretted my feelings at first sight.

For you what does Paul Bert Serpette represent?

For me it's simply the most fashionable antique market. I consider it La Place. I did not plan to be anywhere but here because there are excellent merchants.

What object do you want to highlight?

I expose these beautiful ceilling light that come from a jewelery store in Geneva. They were used to illuminate the jewelry that was presented. I love the shape of these suspensions that end with an acorn. The height always gives on the tables, a very beautiful light. Nobody in a dinner party likes having a light in the face. They are very chic.