Paintings, drawings

Drawings can be a preliminary step before painted works, etchings and architectural projects as for Villermoze, an architect from the late 1950s. Sketches from great painters are very much sought after by collectors, especially from François Boucher and Pablo Picasso.

Drawing is also an art of its own. Leonard Da Vinci made it his specialty, unlike the other artists of his time. It developped in the late 18th century with travel diaries. Drawings can be made on all kinds of materials, ivory, paper, scrolls, or even wood, using different tools like charcoal, red chalk, or more recently felt pen or fountain pen. Drawings are nowadays fully recognized as part of the art market, notably cartoons.

Price upon request
60s, 70s, Other styles, 20th century
Price upon request
60s, 70s, 20th century, Paintings, drawings
Price upon request
20th century, Paintings, drawings
2500 €
Design 50-60, 20th century, Paintings, drawings
2300 €
Landscapes, Oil painting, 19th century
38000 €
Landscapes, Oil painting, 20th century
1100 €
Everyday scenes, nudes, Oil painting, 20th century
1500 €
Miniatures, Charles X, Restoration, Louis Philippe, Oil painting, 19th century
480 €
Seascapes, Années folles (1900-1920), 20th century
850 €
Oriental subjects, Design 50-60, 20th century
Price upon request
Arts Forains, Ceramics, Everyday scenes, nudes, Capron, Roger, 20th century