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Paul Bert Serpette

Discover the advantages of renting works of art with option to buy. Beyond a crush, antiques can be a smart investment…

Bail Art, a company specializing in the leasing of works of art, was created in 2009 and offers collectors and professional customers a tool to optimize their acquisition. Indeed, leasing makes it possible to obtain a tax advantage for the activity and the possibility…

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From October 06, 2022
Nathalie Dupuis stands 130 and 132 alley 1 Paul Bert

Celadon, “quingci” in Chinese, literally means “green porcelain”. This enamel, characterized by its jade green hue, appeared in China from the 3rd century AD. Its discovery by the potters of Yue, renowned for their tea bowls, was the result of incredible chance. Its formula then spread throughout the Asian continent.

From the tenth century, with the Song potters, celadon is compared to…

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Thursday October 6
Paul Bert Serpette

Paul Bert Serpette at the crossroads of eras and worlds, both rooted in the past and looking to the future, invites you to its annual flea market, an unmissable event for lovers of the decorative arts. The largest antique market in the world reveals its most fantastic side!

Fantasy of all times, through literature, cinema, fashion and design, the Fantasy seizes Paul Bert Serpette. This…

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Aurélien Gendras stand 284 alley 7 Paul Bert

Aurélien Gendras presents a set of raw sandstone works from the 80s. "Cities - Architectures", an exhibition to discover until November 31, 2022

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From October 07, 2022 to November 28, 2022
Galerie Pradier-Jeauneau booth 95 aisle 6

During the GEMMES exhibition at the Pradier-Jeauneau gallery, the designer Ionna Vautrin explores her art of drawing and collage to offer new works. These free forms are like the embryos of a design to come, stones as raw as they are sophisticated, demonstrating once again the modernity and uniqueness of Ionna Vautrin's work. “It is sometimes beneficial to break away from…

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From October 6 to October 31
RAGE booth 23 aisle 1 Serpette

RAGE presents Frédéric Leduc "Illusions of another World"

Frédéric Leduc is a visual artist, born in 1973 in Lyon. Throughout his childhood he was passionate about drawing and painting. After having lived in Lyon, Denmark and Milan, training in photography, he came to Paris and worked as a photographer.

Realizing that artistic creation is more important to him, and no longer…

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From Thursday 06 October
Galerie Vauclair booth 79 alley 6 Paul Bert

Two universes that meet

Attached to arts and crafts and creation, Denis Rouquette and Laurence Vauclair are bubbling with projects. They love encounters, the richness they bring. For them, each collaboration is an adventure.

Solène Eloy, founder and artistic director of the Atelier du Mur had long wanted to create decorations echoing the colorful and very rich…

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From Thursday 06 October
Pelazzo Lexcellent Antiquités stand 12 alley 3 Serpette

The popular imagery of Wissembourg. Everyone knows the images of Epinal, Henri Pelazzo and Corinne Lexcellent invite you to discover those of Wissembourg. On the occasion of the Flea Festival, a selection of around ten period lithographs, in color and life-size, will be exhibited. These images used for decorative purposes during fairs have as their theme sports, parties, popular tales,…

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