From April 7 to May 15, 2023
Galerie Pradier-Jeauneau stands 93 & 95 alley 6 Paul Bert

Faithful to their desire to represent those who shaped the era, Aurelien Jeauneau and Jérémy Pradier defend Charlotte Perriand today. Perriand the adventurer Who can deny the importance of travel in Charlotte Perriand's work? In Japan or on the African continent, it has never been so free to apply its principles of layout and design. For the new town of Cansado in Mauritania,…

From April 15, 2023
Le Carré stand 9 aisle 3 Serpette
From 04/01/23 to 04/30/23
stand 136 aisle 2 Paul Bert

The Brazil Modernist gallery celebrates its one year anniversary and invites you to discover Brazilian design in Paris! For the occasion, Caroliny Pereira and Vladimir Igrosanac will present "The Selection of Sandra Hegedus", an unmissable exhibition that highlights the exciting choices of this art collector. This unique exhibition is the fruit of his artistic vision. Explore the Brazilian…

From January 13 to March 3, 2023
Maison Verssen stand 87 alley 6 Paul Bert

Since 2018, Maison Verrsen has exhibited each year a selection of mountain furniture designed by Charlotte Perriand, for the major project that was Les Arcs.

Long shunned, Charlotte Perriand's work in the mountains is nevertheless a major part of her career, she devoted herself to it from the 1930s.
Passionate skier and sportswoman, she will put her mountaineering experience at…

From January 06 to February 19, 2023
Galerie Pradier-Jeauneau stands 93 & 95 alley 6 Paul Bert


rebuilding France
From January 06, 2023 to February 19, 20233

Faithful to their desire to represent those who shaped the era , Aurelien Jeauneau and Jérémy Pradier defend Marcel Gascoin today.


From the status of pre-war decorator to that of avant-garde…

Until January 30, 2023
RAGE booth 23 aisle 1 Serpette

E. Fructus seeks a place for the forgotten. Thousands of photos of abandoned, forgotten anonymous people are collected by the artist, who cuts them out to extract human forms from their context and classify them, meticulously, to create large compositions where the anonymous person finds meaning in his story. .

January 2023
Paul Bert Serpette
Saturday October 22 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Lila K - booth 8 aisle 1 Paul Bert

Saturday October 22, Lila K Antique & Garden invites you to the book signing session PARISIAN BY DESIGN INTERIORS

Interview with interior designer David Jimenez and author Diane Dorrans Saeks

Presentation and signature of their work from 3 to 6 p.m.

booth 8 alley 1 Paul Bert


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