January 2019
Paul Bert Serpette
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FROM May 21 to August 08, 2021
Stands 91 & 234 aisle 6 Paul Bert

Founded in 2005 by Valérie Bouvier and Antoine Nouvet, REMIX GALLERY is a pioneer in the promotion of French design of the 80s. They present and defend the work of the biggest names in French design of this period, such as Philippe Starck, Andrée Putman, Christian Duc as well as the ceramist and plastic artist Claude Dumas, to whom they are dedicating, in May 2021, a personal exhibition on his…

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October 7, 2021
Paul Bert Serpette

Thank you for having been so numerous to come and walk the alleys for the love of antiques or just out of curiosity. The magic was at the rendez-vous for this annual night ...

Back in pictures on this beautiful evening

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from Saturday September 11 to Sunday October 31, 2021
booth 93 alley 6 Paul Bert



From September 11 to October 31, 2021, Aurélien Jeauneau and Jérémy Pradier-Jeauneau will exhibit in their space at the Paul Bert Serpette Market an exceptional set by the decorator Raphaël designed especially for the Maison Internationale of the Cité Universitaire de Paris, in 1955. The whole will…

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From Saturday September 11, 2021
stand 37 aisle 1 Paul Bert

Maison Liedekerke presents two pieces of furniture from the Servants Camondo range, an initiative of Paul Marchesseau, founder of Emilieu Studio for the Camondo school.

Made entirely with materials from reuse, these pieces of furniture bring decorative painting up to date, thanks to the passionate work of Pierre Yves Morel and Dsf Crew.

The panels used in their manufacture are of…

In progress
from September 11 to October 31, 2021
stands 91 & 234 alley 6 Paul Bert

REMIX GALLERY presents Christian Duc - "Synthèse"

Christian Duc is a Franco-Vietnamese designer and decorator. In the 1980s, he was a major player in the new French design scene and contributed to its international influence.

A birth in 1947 in colonial Saigon, the Beaux-Arts in Philadelphia, studies of English literature in Paris, illustration in Amsterdam,…

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Thursday October 7
stands 24 & 25 alley 6 Serpette

During the night of the Flea Festival on Thursday October 7, from 7 p.m., the famous decorator Jacques Grange will dedicate his book at Olivier d'Yhturbide and Benoit Fauquenot's booth.


Jacques Grange, internationally renowned decorator, offers us here a private tour of his most recent achievements in a selection of around thirty residences around the world. Whether for a…

Thursday, October 7, 2021
Paul Bert Serpette

Flea Festival - Thursday October 7 from 7 p.m.

In this back-to-school season full of effervescence, where the pleasure of meeting up has never been so strong, Paul Bert Serpette and his 350 antique dealers invite you on Thursday, October 7 to the Flea Festival. During this timeless night, give free rein to your desire for renewal and come stroll through the 13 alleys of the largest…

From Friday, June 4, 2021
Stand 52 alley 3 Paul Bert

Cécile and Loui Dein

The Poterie de la Levrette is nestled in the hollow of the Breton moor. House-workshop with a family and artistic atmosphere where Cécile Dein likes to tell you her story, her creations.

The floor is covered with its enamelled tiles, the benches and tables are cut with a gouge by her husband, the curtains made from the weaving of worn children's clothes:…