From December 03, 2022
Véronique Koutouzy booth 46 aisle 2 Paul Bert

Emä Léonie (born in 1973 in Rouen) lives and works in Paris. Trained in Applied Arts, sculpture and molding, she worked from 1995 for theatre, opera, cinema or for private projects, creating sets and props. From 2012, she devoted herself entirely to ceramic sculpture and became a teacher. She has been exhibiting since 2019: Galerie Art Vivienne, Paris 2nd (2019); YNGSPC Gallery and The Pit Gallery Los Angeles, USA (2020); Capazza Gallery, Nancay, France (2021; St Sulpice Print Days, Paris 6º (2022); La Ville A des Arts Gallery, Paris 18c (2022). Emä Léonie teaches ceramic sculpture at the school of art and vocational training, Atelier Terre et Feu in Paris. “My sculptures explore the border between the organic and the appearance. I bury the intimate part of the skin, the shell, the membrane, the partition. The outcrop between inside and outside. This skin is the red thread of my work. Whether organic or abstract, it is an interface where the interconnectivity of our lives is played out. This envelope swells, deforms, adorns itself with scars, tears, deteriorates. There is friction in the world. My universe is inspired by childhood, passing time, the fragment, archaism, the question of identity, vulnerability and monstrosity. It is always about the lightness of life and its disturbing heaviness. »