Benoît Fauquenot's favorite piece

April 30, 2020
Paul Bert Serpette

Benoît Fauquenot's favorite piece:

This pair of oils on canvas "Still lifes with flowers and parakeets" in their vintage canals frame, from the Lyonnaise School of the late 19th century.

"After the French Revolution, the city of Lyon will specialize in the silk industry. This activity will attract a large number of artists capable of creating models of inspiring patterns for silks. Among these ornaments, the flowers are particularly appreciated. During the whole of the XIXth century, in addition to silk, Lyon was therefore the capital of floral painting.

We bought these pieces, above all for the warm and pleasant aspect in a decoration that takes on the flowers.

These are emblematic works of the Lyonnaise School. Shimmering colors and beautiful varieties of flowers coexist, embellished with a touch of exoticism brought by this little grape parakeet, breaking the still life side, bringing a touch of life to the composition."