Celine Faraud Luzu's Christmas

From December 2 to 18, 2022
Galerie Pradier-Jeauneau stands 93 & 95 alley 6 Paul Bert

Collector and decorator, Céline Faraud Luzu offers a first installation at the Pradier-Jeauneau gallery Between December 02 and 18, we will be able to discover her universe, a warm atmosphere, a subtle balance between design and craftsmanship, signed pieces and antique furniture with care, weathered by time, in a family home spirit When the Pradier-Jeauneau gallery offered me this project for the end of the year, the evocation of Christmas immediately resonated with me! It is above all a family moment As soon as I think about it, it is the memory of parties in Corsica, with the whole family reunited, which imposes itself on me The spirit of Christmas, with its many symbols, especially that of the nativity, strikes me more intensely and with more authenticity in Corsica, just like in Provence for that matter -where I now spend a lot of time-, I I thus chose to imagine a universe in which all these inspirations would mingle, like a Proust madeleine, I unrolled the thread of my memories and nourished my imagination and my taste for a certain art of living: the decor is set with a deep terracotta tone, which evokes chimney fires, Corsican clementines, relayed by the warmth of the velvet of a daybed or the patinated leather of a welcoming sofa, a long farmhouse table, a little rustic, almost monastic reunited the family, the materials are soft, fluffy, ceramics, one of my great passions, is beautifully represented, more graphic pieces of furniture find their place and come to counterbalance the brutalist elements of this composition, the symbolism of Christmas is suggested e by a delicate hanging of a wall decoration The challenge is to manage to create a coherent and harmonious universe, which resembles me, by drawing largely on the collection of the gallery on the one hand, but by decompartmentalising, by infusing, by small touches, here and there, a hint of bohemian, a family house spirit, between chic and rustic, Corsica and Provence This taste for mixing is a bit the signature of my decoration, moreover. Daring contrasts, daring to mix styles, designers, eras, is to offer decoration that does not freeze us in a period, outside from all dictates or codes, a free and intuitive decoration Thus, for this installation, it is essential for me that we can find, alongside rustic, artisanal elements, more refined pieces. Creations from the 80s for example, and their minimal black lines, then dialogue freely with ceramics from the 60s or more traditional decorative elements During the realization of this installation, I discovered behind the scenes of Paul Bert Serpette, the stands under construction, the deliveries that follow one another, the trucks in the aisles... all of this is very rich and stimulating and bears witness to a market that is still very much alive! I have known and frequented this market for more than 25 years and I obviously have very many memories there… With my husband, in the 90s, still students, we spent a large part of our weekends there, we trained our eyes there very young collectors, learned a lot from the exchanges with the merchants, even creating bonds of friendship with some, we were starting to hunt at the time and our pronounced taste for ceramics was undoubtedly born in these alleys We then continued to come with our children, from an early age (in baby carriers and pushchairs) and, weekend after weekend, to pass on to them perhaps a little taste for beautiful objects, beautiful lines , beautiful patinas, in short our passion for design. And when people ask me for advice on shopping, I say “Go to the flea market! Go to Paul Bert Serpette! “You will necessarily find your happiness there!