Charlotte Perriand X Les Arcs - Exhibition at Maison Verrsen

From December 14, 2018 to February 25, 2019
Verrsen House

Anthony Vergne moved to Paul Bert Serpette one year ago. He collects objects for more than 20 years, naturaly he was brought to resell objects to satisfy his need of collection. Since the opening of his gallery, Maison Verrsen, Anthony told us he felt the urge to present something new. He realized his project through this exhibition presented until February, combining his two passions, the mountain and the architect's furniture

What is the genesis of this exhibition?

As a great mountain enthusiast and architect furniture, the work of Charlotte Perriand has therefore imposed on me as an obvious. Practicing free skiing and hiking this architect and designer has always been close to this universe.
This Christmas 2018, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Les Arcs architectural project. I have been collecting pieces from this collection for a long time and I kept them carefully to gather more. I was also waiting for the right moment to show them.

What is the story of Les Arcs project ?

This project began in the mid-1960's. It is through Roger Godino, the promoter, Gaston Regairaz and Guy Rey-Millet from the Atelier d'Architecture en Montagne that Charlotte Perriand joined the team in 1967. Charlotte Perriand worked on this project between the ages of 64 and 86. She was in charge of the architecture and interior design of this colossal project which has more than 20,000 beds.
It was Christmas 1968 when the hotel and the residence of Les Trois Arcs were opened. The goal was to inaugurate a residence every Christmas of the following years. This project is a synthesis of everything that she has been done during her life. This is a mature work because we find the concepts she developed especially during her collaboration with Le Corbusier but also during his years working on Japan

What was Charlotte Perriand's vision for this project?

For Charlotte Perriand, nature must be mixed with housing. The main principle of this project was to reduce the impact of construction on this mountain site and to leave the space as virgin as possible by concentrating all residences and marrying the field was thus carried out an incredible work of reflection and realization.
Charlotte Perriand develops in these buildings real living cells, like those made by Le Corbusier at the Cité Radieuse. She applies the modulor system to adapt all the furniture to a human scale, and thus give a impression of space. The furniture is very simple, with always a small detail giving them a certain poetry.
The arrangement of the pieces is made of furniture that Charlotte Perriand had already made. There are tables and bars with free shapes, with beautiful thicknesses of larch and fir

Tell us about the furniture that is on display

I present a headboard from the residence La Nova in Arcs 1800. It is very interesting because with its grating, we see a real correlation with the balconies of the Cité Radieuse.
Hanging buffets are displayed which are very graphic and reminiscent of works by Mondrian.
I also have appliques remarkablefor the simplicity of the folded metal. We already find them at the very beginning in her chalet which she had built in Méribel. They were declined in several colors. Highlighting and safeguarding this heritage is particularly important for me


Maison Verrsen booth 232 alley 6 Paul Bert