Flea Festival - Le Bal

Thursday, October 7, 2021
Paul Bert Serpette

Flea Festival - Thursday October 7 from 7 p.m.

In this back-to-school season full of effervescence, where the pleasure of meeting up has never been so strong, Paul Bert Serpette and his 350 antique dealers invite you on Thursday, October 7 to the Flea Festival. During this timeless night, give free rein to your desire for renewal and come stroll through the 13 alleys of the largest antique market in the world.

In a festive atmosphere, come and meet the most beautiful pieces of furniture, silverware and tableware, lighting, curiosities, Haute Couture clothing, jewelry ... And share a privileged moment with passionate merchants, who for the occasion will present exceptional pieces and thematic exhibitions.

This year, the Ball invites itself to Paul Bert Serpette and opens a magical parenthesis, out of time, where everything seems possible, for one evening, one night ...


From 19h