Lucien Petit, artist from La Borne

December 7th, 2019
Maison Verrsen, booth 87 alley 6 Paul Bert

From Saturday, December 7, Maison Verrsen will exhibit a selection of ten sculptures by Lucien Petit, artist from La Borne.

Lucien Petit moved to La Borne in the early 80s. Mythical place that will gather from 1940 "pioneers" of modern ceramists, Lerat, Rozay, Ivanoff, Mestre, Joulia, Mohy, Bayer ... Lucien rubs some and will share their questions about creation, with this particular clay of Haut Berry.

To refine his sculptures, as his elders, he chooses the wood oven, emblem of the Borne, to experiment long cooking at very high temperature with unique, beautiful result ...

Opening Sunday, December 8, in the presence of the artist

Photo © Jean Frémiot