New Idols

New Idols - Xavier Noel
New Idols - Xavier Noel
From January 17, 2020
Booth 234 alley 6 Paul Bert

Xavier Noël is a gilder. Halfway between Chihiro's journey and Alice in Wonderland, he gives life to a funny tribe of stone cardboard masks, between human and animal, striking spirits and burlesque characters, fetishes and pseudo-idols.

His colorful chimerical figures made of pompoms, wood, pearls and feathers reveal with humor a ritual and magic dimension, joyful and whimsical where queers and talismans rub shoulders.

It is in the minimalist and radical world of Remix Gallery that Valérie and Antoine will welcome the work of this artist from January 2020. A meeting between two antagonistic worlds where furniture of post-modern 80s architect will dialogue with colorful and poetic contemporary sculptures. A wild and jubilant alchemy!