Pierre Székely, works on paper

October 5, 2023
Eric Fleuret, stands 212-214 aisle 5 Paul Bert

A Hungarian-born sculptor, painter and architect, the forms created by Pierre Székely have an obvious kinship: they reflect raw, original, sacred intuitions. At the same time, he is developing an experimental graphic production. Preparatory sketches for sculptures, prints on various media, various tests, lithographs, drawings and so on. Each print is different from the others, revealing a singular universe. The tools used are the artist's own, as are the techniques employed: stamps on matrices (stone, cement, granite, steel etc.), wax, smoke, charcoal, coffee ink, grease pencils etc., creating geometric, biomorphic, architectural, mineral, illustrative and imaginary forms.  Some thirty works representative of his entire production from the 50s to the 90s will be presented. Each piece has been specially framed to the highest standards.