The Servants Camondo

From Saturday September 11, 2021
stand 37 aisle 1 Paul Bert

Maison Liedekerke presents two pieces of furniture from the Servants Camondo range, an initiative of Paul Marchesseau, founder of Emilieu Studio for the Camondo school.

Made entirely with materials from reuse, these pieces of furniture bring decorative painting up to date, thanks to the passionate work of Pierre Yves Morel and Dsf Crew.

The panels used in their manufacture are of uneven quality and require specific treatment. The materials can thus change over time. The range includes three pieces of furniture with different sizes and functions: bedside table, chest of drawers and servants ...

Specially designed for the Camondo Méditerranée school in Toulon, the Servant, the third piece in the range, also integrates the collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts.


stand 37 aisle 1 Paul Bert