Un regard sur la peinture

From March 9, 2024
Le Carré stand 9 aisle 3 Serpette

And you, what do you see when you look?

Painting is an artistic form that involves a surface on which colors are applied. The image produced – the one that is given, can be the reproduction of the existing visible, the creation of a daydream or even the manifestation of a feeling. Painting offers to embrace an infinity of things often nestled beyond what it shows.

So shouldn't we understand it as a multitude of windows open to travel? towards unknown worlds, and yet there, before our eyes. Because in painting, it is first of all a question of this sense: sight .
Yes, the view, the very one that sees rays of it every day.

Images occupy our daily lives, our lives are filled with them: we freeze them with our devices, we share them, we show them to each other, we put them on the wall, on our clothes and our bodies.

Images beyond being physical bear witness to our relationship to the world.
Through this exhibition we wanted to highlight not a name, nor a technique or an era but rather a motif and a manner, an idea or a mood. It is emotion that guided this selection. The gaze sometimes stops on a detail, notes a key, catches the light, and then sometimes it is simply the whole, in its entirety without being able to justify it.
Because art does not need to be understood to exist, just as a work does not need to be justified to be loved: dialogue is enough, in multiplied echoes.

So, look !