Aurélien Gendras

Gendras Aurélien


Marché Paul Bert
Alley 7 Stand 284
20th century
 +33(0)6 71 56 53 04

Aurélien Gendras and Renaud Régnier specialize in modern and contemporary ceramics and offer you to discover their selection. After four years spent in the square left bank, we decide today to join the market Paul Bert serpette. Very involved in the presentation of international contemporary ceramics and specializing in architectural ceramics and the renewal of sandstone after World War II, our personal selection of works seeks to weave historical and aesthetic links revealing our sensibilities and our tastes. The democratization of the contemporary practices of ceramics being at the heart of our concerns, we are convinced that the market Paul Bert Serpette, by the heteroclicity of the glances that walk its alleys is the place most able to make the public discover a " amateurs, collectors and professionals, the richness of ceramic material and accessibility has its market in good evolution. Renaud Régnier, November 2015 Contemporary artists represented: Pierre Martinon, Claudine Monchaussé, Tim Orr, Alev Siesbye, Maarten Stuer, Wayne Fischer

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Aurélien Gendras's catalog