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Vanessa Rau
Galerie Vanessa Rau


Marché Serpette
Alley 3 Stand 11
Asian art
19th century
 +33(0)7 86 51 97 62

Specialist of Japan: antiques, vintage and contemporary art. Atypical gallery located in the heart of Paris Saint-Ouen flea which offers a journey to the Land of the rising sun through the many facets of this unique culture. You will find a large selection of Japanese antiques: furniture, masks, fabrics, traditional collectibles. But also vintage Japanese objects of the twentieth century where we find both the "kami" (gods ubiquitous in this country animist), that the mascots of the major Japanese brands (the Japanese love these idols), as the characters of the legends such as Okamé and Hyottoko, but also the heroes of cartoons and mangas that rocked the childhood and adolescence of more than one of us. And finally, we also exhibit works by young Japanese artists, mostly working with the traditional Japanese techniques, called "nihon-ga", these contemporary pieces sweat the traditional culture and its imagination. We offer ancient paintings, including kakejikus (scroll painting), shikishis ... A space dedicated to this island country that has kept, adapt and even magnify its culture and expertise over time.

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