In the eyes of Philippe Roldan and Benjamin Baillon

At the crossroads of worlds, Paul Bert Serpette sees antiques of multiple styles and eras parade, sometimes including real collector's items. Materials, lines, artists, designers blow their intentions in our alleys and our antique dealers take on the role of smuggler. Smugglers of objects, smugglers of stories. This week, Philippe Roldan and Benjamin Baillon, respectively unearthed, a bench and six chairs by Sido & François Thévenin…


Gisèle Sidoti called Sido (1934-1986) and François Thévenin (1931-2016)

In the 1950s, Sido and François Thévenin met  at the Beaux-arts in Paris. Spouses and associates, they shared this same poetry and this love of metal in the service of sculpture, architecture and design.

Installed in Cannes-la-Bocca in their house-workshop, they create together and quickly begin a collaboration with the architect Jacques Couëlle. From this collaboration are born the “landscape houses” of the sculpted concrete villas inspired by the troglodyte caves. The couple furnishes these villas with his creations, forged, folded, sculpted metal pieces emanating from a dreamlike plant imaginary. Lianas, gnarled tree trunk and other floral fantasies. This major project consists, beyond an architectural and sculptural challenge, to achieve homes with organic lines, in perfect harmony with their natural environment As inspired as they are inspiring, Brassaï, Cocteau, Chagall, Dali, Prévert and Picasso have, among others, crossed their path ...

Sido and François Thévenin have never ceased to expand their know-how to work with metal in the service of their ideas; focusing on ancestral techniques of ironwork, boilermaking, brasswork, and collaborating with local craftsmen. Steel, bronze and iron have passed into the skillful hands of this singular duo, redefining everyday objects through sinuous and rugged lines. This art poses the question of the sculpture object and the function that should be given to it. Everyone is free to choose their utility.


2m x 60cm wrought iron and leather bench

Philippe Roldan - "A great follower of Sido & François Thévenin, I am currently presenting a bench in wrought iron and leather, with a very vegetal" language ". The originality and the poetry of this piece are unparalleled and perfectly representative of the work of this couple. Their creative challenge and their way of working together are inspiring, wrought iron, which they have used a lot, is also a material that fascinates me. From stair railings to various everyday objects, their production is quite complete. I moreover, often unearthed emblematic pieces: bronze chairs, tables… ”


Forged metal and leather chairs, H 129 cm x W 45 cm x D 52.5 cm

Benjamin Baillon - "This week I am presenting 6 chairs with slender shapes, in forged metal with black patina, made by Sido & François Thévenin. This artist couple brings metal to life thanks to a great mastery of forging. The base is made of side arches and cut metal ornaments attached to the back and above the backrests. The seats are made of stretched patinated leather in cognac color embellished with studded patterns.


This sculpture furniture is extremely rare and, in fact, difficult to find.. Reflection in a duo, like the Lalanne, often gives rise to a complementarity of ideas in the service of originality ”




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