In the eyes of Franck Cechman: Harry's bar table by Massimo Papiri

With a 70's atmosphere where iconic pieces and beautiful materials come together, Franck Cechman's booth plunges you into the heart of these festive and, to say the least, exceptional years, so great is the quality of the pieces. This week, he presents us a table by Massimo Papiri, representing those years ...

Harry's bar table by Massimo Papiri

The Harry's bar coffee table by Massimo Papiri is a very rare piece. It has a beech base, covered with chrome and melamine. Its opening system reveals a bar in which there is a refrigerating system in which you can place ice cubes. The cylindrical shape on the top was made to place a planter in it.

The great Italian luxury

This coffee table is a magnificent demonstration of the know-how of the 70s. The materials used are of high quality. The beech base is covered with melamine chrome, a blown plastic plate inside accommodates glasses and bottles. The height of chic, interior lighting gives the room in which the table will be placed, a very glamorous atmosphere.

Its festive use is totally representative of the art of living of those years, which can also be found in the TRG table by Willy Rizzo, with which it is often mistakenly confused. Easy confusion since these two tables were edited by the same Mario Sabot.

This piece represents the Italian chic of the 70s. By purchasing this table, it is a small piece of Italian dolce vita that we offer ourselves.

Luxury is also rarity

The Harry's Bar table is an extremely rare piece. These sculptural and architectural lines of great harmony make it one of the most sought-after pieces by Massimo Papiri.

It is just as complex to find open-source documentation on the designer as it is to hunt for a Harry's Bar. The archives of this piece can be found in vintage Italian magazines, which are difficult to consult ... The mystery surrounding Massimo Papiri and the publisher Mario Sabot, having nevertheless manufactured major design pieces, nourishes this fervor.

Rare certainly, but yet anchored in the era of time. This table is part of the current trend and blows a "seventies" wind much sought after around the world. It can also be found on the cover of this month's AD.



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