Alexandre Venturini, when hunting is a breeze

Mischievous look, and independent temperament, Alexandre Venturini has not lost his childish soul
If hunting is a game for him, Paul Bert Serpette is his playground, but no strategy ... This antique dealer accumulates only favorites, so join the game. 


What is your background ?

Like many antique dealers, I am first and foremost an object enthusiast, having been hunting since my childhood. As I don't come from an antique dealers family, I studied accordingly. I began by studying the history of art, then I continued with a school specializing in the art and antiques market. I really loved it. I started in auction house, at Tajan then I was debauched by Delvaille, an antique dealer in the Carré Rive Gauche. I quickly wanted to start by myself because I did not want to get used to being an employee. I started at the flea of Vanves and I stayed there for almost two years, I had the opportunity to move to Paul Bert Serpette, initially by sharing a booth, then I took a booth alone and I'm still there now. It's been 19 years... 

Where does this passion for hunting come from?

Hunting is like a treasure hunt I think the antique dealers have a childish soul. When I was little, I used to look for the extraordinary object. Hunting is a dream ... In this business, we can indulge for nothing, if we do not search what everyone is looking for. 


Do you prefer to buy or sell?

Buy, without hesitation. Of course you have to get money back, but selling what I like does not interest me at all. We are compulsive buyers and we would sometimes do better psychoanalyses! Buying is a therapy ...


Do you have a particular passion?

Originally I had a very classic taste and I liked silverware, very bourgeois and reassuring. I also consider 18th glassware magic. Now, marble amuses me a lot. I love the material and infinite patterns, it fascinates me. It has always pleased but, as knowledge was not easily accessible before, we know marble better for twenty years. I like to find the provenances of marble, it is a little bit like a game.


What is on your booth

I'm a bargain hunter so everything depends on what I find. I have a very eclectic tastes, but with a classic basis. I have a default: for me everything is beautiful and I can not stop buying. I quickly find myself with a pile of objects that is no longer manageable. 


What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

In a word, it's an atmosphere It depends a lot on the merchants, what they bring and their mood I was very lucky to be able to settle here Come to work Paul Bert Serpette is always a big happiness We are lucky to have a beautiful clientele


What object of your stand would you like to highlight?

At the moment I present this beautiful banquette guerite This is a model that was made to protect against drafts and existed in the 18th It must date from the 90s and had been made for the offices of Dior I like the grossness of the sculpture that gives it a nice look and even a little Indian side It is atypical, I find it very decorative