Alexis Allegro, a passion in sterling silver

Alexis Allegro, a passion in sterling silver
Alexis Allegro, a passion in sterling silver

When Alexis speaks of silverware, his eyes shine as much as all the treasures gathered on his booth. From the purest forms to the most extravagant, the pieces proposed by this young talented antique dealer are signed by the hand of the greatest goldsmiths from France and from all around the world. Here, all that glitters is not gold, but undoubtedly rare and of high quality ...

What is your background ?

From my childhood, I accompanied my parents at the flea market, during their hunting weekends. It's a universe that has always fascinated me.

When I arrived in Paris to study real property, I quickly discovered the fleas. I was seller for many antique dealers in order to pay my studies and that's how I discovered this environment from inside. I noticed that we could live from this job and I stopped my studies at the end of my master's degree to get into antiques.

What is your specialty?

I propose objects in solid silver, pieces of tableware, but also decorative elements which do not have any utility. In my selection, I make the choice of the quality and the scarcity. I present a large diversity of objects that come from all over the world, I travel a lot and I love to hunt abroad. On my booth, you will find silverware from 1800 until the 80s. I do not want to lock myself in only one period, because there are wonderful things in all eras. I like to offer a little bit of everything to my clients in search of unexpected, atypical objects that they will not find elsewhere and that will give the perfect final touch to their decoration.

What do you like in the goldsmithery?

The goldsmith gives a touch of subtlety and refinement to an interior. I like the preciousness of the material and the multitude of forms that certain pieces can take. It amuses me a lot. Every day, we can discover a new object, I like this unexpected side. Sometimes, even after doing research on an object, the mystery remains intact on its usefulness.

How did you get trained?

There is no school, I learned on the job looking at many sales catalogs and books. It's a job that's never finished, there are always things to learn.

Which part of your booth would you like to highlight?

At the moment, I present a series of 12 champagne glasses in sterling silver, the interior is in gold. It's an Italian work of the 60s. The feet are beautifully decorated with bunches of grapes. What amuses me in these pieces, is the festive side, it changes from the usual crystal cups. It's very nice to drink in it because they keep the freshness and the gold interior prevents altering the taste of champagne.

It is quite rare to find sets of 12 because often the pieces in solid silver were remade according to the financial needs of the owners. This type of room was intended for a high-end clientele, these are special orders.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

The richness of Paul Bert Serpette, is the diversity of the objects proposed and the requirement of the antique dealers. It is like an invitation to travel, where, each week, it is possible to discover new things. The customers in search of quality always push us to find pieces that are out of the ordinary. There is a very beautiful clientele, of a great diversity, that we do not find anywhere else. The foreigners are very fond of French goldsmith who is a pledge of quality. Every weekend there are new things going on...