Alexis Martin, Paul Bert Serpette in his DNA

Alexis Martin is a young antique dealer, and yet the alleys of Paul Bert Serpette have no secrets for him. Much more than a booth, the 58bis is a real part of his childhood. Initiated by an antique dealer as a father who transmitted him this passion which one cannot get rid of, Alexis has perpetuated the family tradition by remaining faithful to Paul Bert Serpette. His pleasure ? Bring a breath of freshness to his booth by constantly proposing new decors to come and discover each weekend.

What is your background ?

I come from a family of antique dealers. My father had started very young and was installed at Paul Bert Serpette. My sister Cécilia Lahaye also has a booth here. For me, it was obvious that I was going to enter the profession and when I was 17 years old, I came to work with my father. He taught me the trade by taking me to the auction rooms and to the antique dealers' booth. I also learned a lot from the antique dealers of Paul Bert Serpette.

I was too young to start on my own, so I teamed up to take a booth right across from where I am currently. I sailed a bit between several alleys and when my father wanted to stop, he offered me to take the 58 bis again. It was obvious that I accept.

What are you presenting on your booth ?

I don't really have a specialty, I touch everything. At Paul Bert Serpette, the antique dealers are not obliged to specialize, and that's what I like. I can sell everything ... A little extravagant wooden furniture, leather armchairs, trinkets ... I like to go in all directions, but I also try to adapt to demand. I hunt a lot on the Flea market, I also buy in auctions, but never on fairs.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

I have always worked at Paul Bert Serpette, I am very attached to this market, some antique dealers have been there for a very long time and I have known them since my childhood, they saw me grow up. Paul Bert Serpette is a bit like a big family.

It is a market that attracts a large, loyal clientele, and with whom you can expect everything. Everyone comes to bargain hunting here, I even sold a frame to Madonna already. We can approach people in a very simple way and we meet very beautiful people there.

Paul Bert Serpette remains the barometer, it is a place that works very well and where we see a lot of people.

Do you have a piece that is important to you to present to us?

At the moment, I have two remarkable armchairs, made from the roots of trees that have grown to draw a seat. They have long stayed in a garden and have caught a very beautiful patina which I particularly like. I think they are about 40 years old.

These are very atypical pieces but which can nevertheless be placed in very different contexts. I will see them completely in a large, very contemporary white loft.

How do you see your future at Paul Bert Serpette?

I'm off to stay here for a very long time. I love the atmosphere that reigns here every weekend. When you have tasted this job, you can't do anything else!


New objects from Alexis Martin