Caroline Pons, an endless treasure hunt

As inspired as she is hyperactive, the elusive Caroline Pons crisscrosses France in search of treasures. If the beauty of the object makes the eyes of this generalist antique dealer sparkle, the pleasure of contact is just as important. Let yourself be stunned at her booth, between two Chinese vases, 20th century furniture and an important 19th century chest of drawers ...


Tell us about your background

My background is relatively atypical since I do not come from the world of antiquity. After a Bac + 5 in business school, I started to work in a company, in a traditional and standardized way, in the direction of marketing services of large companies. My grandparents being valiant collectors, my childhood is still marked by art objects and flea markets. Very quickly, I then began to buy, to survey flea markets as a hobby.


As the years went by, I opened my first boutique of decoration and charming second-hand goods in Saint Germain en Laye alongside several friends. Then a second… I then decided to go on the roads and make fairs. This encouraged me to change my activity to devote myself entirely to the profession of antique dealer. The pleasure of surveying France for more than 15 years by skimming the fairs and salons of Bretagne, Beauvais, Pont l'Evêque, from Chatou ...


It was also at the Chatou fair that I was spotted to participate in the Affaire Conclue program on France 2. Curious about a television universe that was unknown to me, I embarked on the adventure without waiting particular and finally let myself be carried. In parallel, the desire to reopen a shop grew in me and the Puces de Saint Ouen imposed themselves. Paul Bert Serpette seemed obvious to me.


Why Paul Bert Serpette?

The reputation of the market had reached me for a very long time. I knew that one day, if I took the plunge to settle at the Flea Market, I would turn to Paul Bert Serpette and I am not disappointed with my choice The idea that one can combine antiques and decoration particularly appeals to me. The luxury of diversity characterizes this market. You will find a thousand and one treasures at Paul Bert Serpette. I use the term treasure since there is a certain elegance in the alleys ...


How do you see the profession of antique dealer?

Coming from marketing, I have been able to analyze various economic models during my career. However, that of an antique dealer comes in a thousand and one ways. My colleagues work differently, and this is all the freedom of the profession. Some focus on trade shows, others only buy in the auction room and, personally, I mainly buy from private clients. My offer is therefore heterogeneous, to suit the taste of my clients. I do not want to specialize but I I still like to create themes when I exhibit my finds.


I also had the chance to meet a multitude of antique dealers, as endearing as they are different from each other. Oscillating between unpacking of small provincial towns and large Parisian salons, I keep in mind the richness of the meetings. I sometimes have the feeling of living in a film. A film in which every day is surprising, the main plot being the quest for the object.


What do you present on your booth ?

I am able to present you a Chinese vase with a masterpiece then a Knoll table and a porcelain service. My scenographies combine the unthinkable according to what I am sourcing. I buy at the heart of my heart but also know the tastes of my customers and know that they like to find various pieces in my house.


For example, some people visit me regularly to hunt for my bronzes and Asian art, so I sometimes think of them when I am faced with a piece likely to please them. Personally, I am also very sensitive to the art of 'Asia, an art of extreme finesse and endowed with a fascinating history. It is an aspect that characterizes my daily life but I remain boundless in curiosity for other universes. It is the object in itself that pleases me, its line, its curves, its beauty, whatever the artist or the period of creation.


What is your favorite piece at the moment?

I found a very beautiful double-sided screen in lacquer dating from the 70s-80s. One side is coral red and the other side very graphic, the quality of the lacquer is undeniable. It is an object with multiple uses, can act as a room divider, headboard or simple decorative object. It is a trendy piece, vintage, graphic, useful, decorative ...


photo : INU studio


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