Clément Anger, objects broker

Living his passion from day to day, but always at the fast lane, this young talented antique dealer and hard worker has antiques in his skin. During the week, Clément Anger runs up and down, to find the most beautiful treasures which, for sure, will find their place in your collection. And if you don't see him immediately, be patient… it is surely among the thousand and one objects that swarm on its booth.

Tell us about your background

I fell into this profession perfectly by chance, not being from a family of antique dealers. When I was fifteen, I sold items on Ebay that I found in empty attics, that's how I started. I then studied in a master specialized in the expertise of works of art and in parallel, I opened a booth at the Jules Vallès market. Once I finished my studies, I settled directly in Paul Bert Serpette.

What can you find on your booth?

On my booth, there are a lot of objects. I am very eclectic but despite everything in terms of eras, I focus on the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. You can find large bronzes, Art Nouveau and 19th century marbles, modern and older paintings. I have a lot of Art Nouveau, Gallé and Daum glassware, I always have at least a hundred to sell. I particularly appreciate the artistic pieces of Emile Gallé, I like the fact that each piece is different, there are always small variations.

I consider myself a bargain hunter before being a seller, it is always a pleasure to find an object that I have never seen. I am a finder, a smuggler of objects. What matters above all to me is to satisfy my customers. My personal taste is secondary.

Present your flagship piece of the moment

I recently bought a very beautiful bronze fountain dating from 1880. It was made at the Val d'Osne art foundry and measures 4m high by 2.50m wide. It comes from a castle in the north of France, its owners have owned it for 70 years. It is a very rare piece. I like spectacular objects, out of the ordinary and that customers will not find elsewhere. It is exceptional to have such a part on the market. She is now leaving for a private home, in a castle in Poland.

Why did you choose to settle in Paul Bert Serpette?

Paul Bert Serpette is the best antique market in the world, it is here that customers come to hunt. I like the pace of work of the Fleas, bargain-hunting for objects during the week, selling them at weekends, that suits me perfectly. You quickly become addicted to fleas, for my part I am completely!



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