David B. Galerie Gram, decorator of heart

Passers of objects always found with the heart, at the Galerie Gram, David and his partner François offer a universe reflecting a well-established personality. Big names in design rub shoulders with unusual finds in inspiring scenographies where risk-taking rhymes with evidence. 

What is your background ?

I started to hunt at the age of 10, I spent my time in flea markets and in particular at an antique dealer who lived right next to me. Although hunting is my passion, I never made it my primary profession I am a collection manager in ready-to-wear, I have worked in large houses but I have always hunted in parallel with my activity. Fifteen years ago, I set up one of the first online sales website called Esprit Chineur. We were selling a lot of Scandinavian furniture which was starting to emerge. I also set up another consulting firm in which we presented antique pieces on weekends. I was associated with an architect and we did a lot of interior design.

I had the chance to travel a lot thanks to my job and therefore to be able to hunt around the world...

About a year ago with my partner François B we moved to Paul Bert Serpette. We had been dreaming about it for a long time and at the same time, we opened a gallery in the Swiss Village.

Do you have a specialty?

I search first and foremost with my heart. When I find a piece, I always visualize the way in which I will be able to arrange it. Although we are specialized in the 50s, 60s and 70s, we do not deprive ourselves all of a crush for a Dutch painting of the 17th century. We present French, Italian design, American lighting. I also now manage to find pieces from the 80s with slightly pointed names.

The booths are constantly redeveloped and new scenographies are proposed every month With my partner, we try to be inspirational, to play a role of prescriber for our customers, I think that this is totally part of our job We take risks, we are looking for well-known and lesser-known names, but in any case real favorites We also present completely atypical and spectacular objects such as burnt wooden doors. 

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

For me, it is THE international market that makes the whole world dream, in any case all those who are passionate about design and somewhat spectacular vintage pieces. On stage I think that the vocation of Paul Bert Serpette is to open up the field of possibilities and to prescribe trends. We come to Paul Bert Serpette to hunt for exceptional pieces. Being installed in this market is also the joy to be able to share with other merchants and to continue to learn.

Tell us about your favorite of the moment

We have at the moment a superb row of Charles Dudouyt, a little inspired by the Bauhaus. It is a rather particular piece of the 40s, it opens with three leaves with drawers cut in diamond points. Its flattened feet are very representative of his work. I think it should not be originally two-tone, but these black touches give it a very original and contemporary appearance. Charles Dudouyt is for me a great cabinetmaker whose style was quite rustic at the beginning, but who at the over time has gone more towards the purity. If I had only one part to buy, it would be this part because it is extraordinary work.

This piece has been sourced with passion, with the heart, like everything we present on our booths. This is how we can always have a satisfied international clientele.






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