Dialog of character pieces at Jean-François Hubeaux's

Dialog of pieces of character at Jean-François Hubeaux's
Dialog of pieces of character at Jean-François Hubeaux's

It is always with a smile on his face and a laughing look that this passionate antique dealer will welcome you to share with you his latest find. Icon of design, 17th century gem or an unusual piece that you will not find anywhere else, at Jean-François Hubeaux's, come and hunt for the character piece that will give soul to your interior. 

What is your background ?

I always did this job. My parents worked in the field of old books, which awakened in me a taste for antiques. I followed a training ilinked to this sector, I started to work in the old book. When I was making addresses to buy books, I was also attracted to furniture. It was gradually that I decided to orient myself towards furniture and objects. My training is rather classic then little by little, I headed for the 20th century, but still mixing it with old elements. 

I started in the business by doing antique fairs. I lived in Belgium but I came to hunt at the Flea market almost every week. After fifteen years, I wanted to settle in Paris, because it is a place where everything converges. This is how I got to Paul Bert Serpette. 

I really like my job, we don't know what we're going to find, which client is going to fall into it. Every day is a new adventure !

What can you find on your booth ?

On my booth, we find very different things. Furniture from the 20th century, pleasant to live in, beautiful editions. I also like ceramic a lot. What I particularly like is mixing epochs. The pieces from the 20th century are sometimes a little cold, I think of putting older objects next to it, of character, which will bring more personality and soul to the whole. The objects must respond to each other and bring something. I can put an Eames Lounge Chair next to a 17th century cabinet. The important thing is to find the character piece so that the mixture can work. What is very pleasant is when my productions speak to someone entirely. It sometimes happens to me to sell pieces from very different eras to one person.

In furniture, what is your soft spot ?

I like original pieces, whatever their era. There are sometimes small edition or designer pieces that have not been released which I really appreciate. Obviously, I also like great classics, design icons. My choices are above all instinctive.

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

Since I come and it has been more than 30 years, I have always been impressed by the international character of Paul Bert Serpette. We have great meetings there, with people from very different cultures. This allows antique dealers to offer extremely varied things and to express their personality by always having an echo, each universe finds its amateur. It is only in Paul Bert Serpette that one finds such an abundance.

What is remarkable to Paul Bert Serpette is that the antique dealers all come from very diverse horizons, it is a tremendous wealth.

There is so much going on that sometimes, when we have bought an object without knowing what it is, very quickly someone will pass by and give us details about it. We feed each other enormously, whether between antique dealers or with visitors. At the moment I have this boat model which dates from the end of the 19th century. It has the particularity of being decorated with a very elaborate and very neat steam machinery, which is exceptional in itself.

I know that we will not meet two objects like that. It is a piece of character, which can be integrated perfectly into a beautiful interior. It is an invitation to dream and travel, which recalls childhood, it is an object of emotion.


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