Edouard Cechman, the daring of youth

Freshly installed in Paul Bert Serpette, in a particular economic context, Edouard Cechman listens only to the ardor that feeds his young age and is impatient to meet you. Let your eyes be amazed in front of René Lalique, leaning on a Knoll table, between the poetry and the warmth of Parisian luxury.


Tell us about your background

Son and grandson of antique dealers, I opened a booth in Serpette barely a month ago, the year of my 21st birthday. Master student in Financial Mathematics at Paris-Dauphine University during the week and antique dealer in Paul Bert Serpette on weekends, my taste for the job appeared quite quickly.

My mother has been an antique dealer for more than 30 years at the Puces de St Ouen, so from my 15 years I ran her shop when she was away to go hunting in the fairs of the South. A sometimes boring task, but the first sales were satisfactory. Then he had to accompany him to the auction rooms to pack and carry the won lots. A bit tedious, but that avoided taking a transporter. Next: going to hunt in fairs and street flea markets ... Imagine the joy of the teenager that I was to get up at 6 a.m. sometimes not to buy anything...

Suddenly, one day, we start to take a liking to this whole system. I came to the store for no particular reason, I was going to spend an afternoon in Drouot to "have fun", and go out alone to hunt in the rain at 7 o'clock in the morning in a flea market at the other end of Paris. By force, I began to appreciate certain objects and their stories, to love particular times…


How did you take the plunge?

All the days spent hunting or helping my mother made me understand that I had fallen in love with the profession and a way of life that I could not find anywhere else. Last year, I decided to open a gallery with my best friend. We learned a lot from this experience, and just after the end of the lockdown, we decided to hand over the keys. My partner going abroad, I wanted to continue in a new shop and focus on a another universe. After a few weeks of reflection, I decided to move to Paul Bert Serpette despite the context of the Covid, to try. In parallel, I continue my studies in order to perhaps one day work in the art of finance, or the finance of art?

As an anecdote, I really knew I wanted to do this job when one day, while in college, I log on to an auction site for the first time, in order to buy myself a spotted bracelet. Several weeks ago Small error on my part, instead of bidding on the correct lot, I bid 50 euros on the previous lot. Obviously, I won the auction and left with a war medallion from the 1920s. Thinking I had lost 50 euros , I put it all the same on the internet and sell it for 200 euros, in less than a week. Medallion which, of course, was worth 500… I did not know until much later! This little stroke of luck encouraged me to take a first store!



Why did you choose Paul Bert Serpette?

When I decided to go it alone, the choice of the location seemed obvious to me: Serpette or nothing. I only wondered if I could continue my studies at the same time. Paul Bert Serpette is the trendy Saint Ouen flea market, its reputation is excellent and the clientele known to be pleasant there. The setting, the atmosphere of the alleys as well as the ambient dynamism contribute to the enthusiasm of a young antique dealer who arrives in full Covid. I was particularly well received by my neighbors of the alley, with kindness and sympathy. It is a meeting place, whether with antique dealers, customers, personalities accustomed to Flea markets, enthusiasts ... Meetings that make this place so pleasant to live.


What is your speciality ?

I present decorative objects by René Lalique between 1900 and 1950, as varied as each other such as vases, lamps, sculptures, plates, ashtrays… I wanted my booth to look more like a Parisian Haussmann apartment than to a gallery so that my clients feel at home and see themselves in their living room. Around Lalique, I therefore offer 20th century furniture and tableware by focusing on luxury brands such as Hermès, Christofle, Knoll and Charlotte Perriand… I also have a little cute sin, the gaming tables: Backgammon, Poker, roulette games…


Tell us about a favorite piece


I fell in love with this Oran vase by René Lalique in opalescent glass, created in 1927. Exceptional jeweler and great master of glass, René Lalique has been one of the great creators of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Since 1921, the manufacture located in Alsace, a region with a glass-making tradition, perpetuates artisanal know-how. The hand of man, artist - craftsman of the material, leaves its mark on objects and gives them this strength, this very "immaterial" presence


I have chosen to present this René Lalique vase to you because it is both iconic and rare. It represents a decoration of dahlias, flowers whose origins date back to Mexico and the Maghreb. The name of the vase "Oran" refers to the port city of Algeria, nicknamed La Radieuse. A pretty bouquet of flowers in this vase magnifies the room in which the vase is located.







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