Elodie Poupin – Pain Melon

Dock Martens shoes on her feet, dressed with her favorite musical groups t-shirts, Elodie Poupin opens the doors of her ideal 15 years old bedroom... which will certainly plunge more than one into a delicious 90s nostalgia.

What is your background ?

After studying at a fashion school, I worked in this sector for a while. During my last year of study, I discovered Les Puces thanks to our teachers who took us there to inspire us with vintage fabrics and clothes. I never stopped to coming there.

I worked for a while with a dealer from Paul Bert Serpette, which made me want to have my own shop. After giving myself time to refine my project, I decided to open a stand specializing mainly in the 90s and the world of music, cinema and pop culture.

The idea of this booth was, in a way, to recreate a teenager's bedroom from the 80s and 90s. A real Proust madeleine!

What items are on your booth?

I present collector's t-shirts of musical groups, old posters, books… Being a lover of Japan, I bring back celluloids, posters from the 70s and 80s and of course clothes after my travels.

I also present clothes found at the Puces de Saint Ouen that I embroider by hand. I don't want to sell these pieces anywhere else, presenting them where I found them is important to me.

This stand is really like my teenage room, a mixture of the kawaii spirit of Japan, a geek universe influenced by cartoons and at the same time ultra rock.

Every month I try to change the theme, depending on what I have managed to bring together in a group or a period. It is important for me to be constantly in a new dynamic and for the customers who come regularly to be always satisfied.

How do you go from passion to profession?

Collector of t-shirts for a very long time, I thought Paul Bert Serpette lacked that. So it was interesting to propose that.

I sometimes present objects from my personal collection on my stand, with the aim of enhancing my current exhibition, then sometimes someone wants to buy it from me. It's always a real dilemma for me to accept or not. I realized that I was ready to have my own stand, the day I was able to sell an object from my collection.

What is the profile of your customers?

From the 15-year-old teenager to the 50-year-old The Cure fan, my clientele is very wide. There are real seasoned collectors, regular customers but also passing through, who on entering the stand fall into the nostalgia of their youth.

Tell us about the you favorite of the moment.

I particularly like this illustrated t-shirt from The Crow comic book by J. O'Barr. I myself have a whole personal collection. It dates from 1996, has never been worn and still has its original label. It's a piece almost impossible to find and one of my nuggets of the moment!

The very New Wave and dark universe of The Crow marked the 90s. The comic strip and the film based on it have absolutely not aged.