Emmanuel Roucher, a painting life

If each painting were a small world, Emmanuel Roucher's booth would be a universe ... His universe, rich in surprises and wells of potential discoveries. So come and taste the pleasure of painting and drawing, come closer, take the time to look and listen to this enthusiastic antique dealer tell you about his favorites that will surely become objects of desire and then of passion. 

What is your background ?

I started with studies in art history with the aim of being an auctioneer But from my first day of internship, I understood that it was not for me. It was after several meetings that I found myself looking for a booth at the Flea market. In 1999, I settled down with two associates, in the booth that I still currently occupy. I work alone since 2006.

Tell us about your specialty

I specialize in painting and ancient drawing. My selection is very eclectic, I present pieces ranging from the XVIth century to the beginning of the XXth century, which leaves a very wide choice I think there is not a period better than another and it is for this reason that very often I can not stop buying works, even when it should not be!

Which period do you prefer ?

I particularly like the XIXth century which is a pivotal time, so rich and eclectic. It is a pivotal period, full of classicism and which nonetheless, continually invents. In France, we are lucky to have a very large number of artists, some known others much less, with which one can still have fun. It is possible to have fun for very little money with the works of the XIXth century.

In a work, what makes you capsize?

It is especially important not to buy in relation to a name… Acquiring a work is first of all appealing to a sensation, this is also why I buy a lot of anonymous. If the work touches me, I can be sure that it will affect someone else. This is also always the advice I give to my clients, they must trust each other.

How do you perceive your profession?

I do not sell something useful like furniture. When we present graphic works, we sell a story, a feeling, simply love! It is in this sense that I find it something extremely useful.

It is an extraordinary profession in which we learn every day. That is why antique dealers are punctured! If you learn every day you are sure not to be bored. For that, you have to walk in the alleys of the market, even if you do not buy. For my part, each time I stroll, I can't help but buy something, I'm a compulsive buyer, it's an illness!

If the fact of selling is of course pleasant, it does not serve, in my opinion, to accumulate money on his account, but to be able to redeem. It is necessary to nourish his passion, otherwise it all makes no sense

What does Paul Bert Serpette represent for you?

I am an absolute fan of this market and that is why I wanted to settle there. When with my associates we looked for a space, we only wanted to be at Paul Bert Serpette. It is the best market of Fleas, for the quality of the antique dealers and for its history. It is always a pleasure to hunt around in the alleys. The diversity of the antique dealers is incredible. There are no places as mixed.

Les Puces have an incomparable charm, that's why I will never leave this place. We are very lucky to be at Paul Bert Serpette.

Tell us about one of your works that is close to your heart

I really like this drawing by Léon Cogniet, who is a very beautiful artist from Orleans. It is a pencil which dates from 1820-1830, years marked by the beginning of neoclassicism, but also of romanticism. It represents Othello and Desdemona, a subject that I love.

Léon Cogniet is absolutely not known to the general public because he was wealthy and had no need to sell his works at all. His entire collection was sold by his widow to the Musée d'Orléans. Go to see the rooms dedicated to him to understand which major artist he was.

Léon Coigniet had seen Géricault's works, marked by exalted romanticism, but is also still marked by the classicism of Ingres. All this synthesis is visible in this drawing; Othello is wondering if he is going to kill Desdemona who is absolutely peaceful. Innocent, she sleeps in an ingresque way. Othello is totally gerical in the blow he is going to give. This is why this drawing is absolutely awesome.


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